Frequently Asked Questions

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Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Adopt- a bed program

Alton Community Development

Animal Control (including lost pets)

Application Process for Consent

Application process for minor variance to zoning

Aquafit Classes

Arena Locations

Barking Dogs Control

Bike Rack Availability

Booking Arena Ice/Floor Time

Bridge Repair


Building Code Violations

Building Inspections

Building Permit & Survey Inquiries

Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee

Burlington Hydro

Burlington International Games - BIG

Burlington Transit - complaints

Burlington Transit - General Information

Burlington Transit - GO Transit

Burn Permits, Fire Prevention

Business Licenses

CAO Inquiries


City Creeks, Creek Blocks

City of Burlington employment inquiries

Claims against the City of Burlington


Community Sports Contacts

Control of Canada Goose population

Course information, how to register

Demolition Permit - municipal

Development Charges

Development Charges

Development, Mailing List, Current Planning Reports, Neighbourhood Meetings, Sale/Purchase of Planning Material

Dog License

Emergency Planning/Preparedness

Entrance/Encroachment Permits

Environmental concerns and information

Environmental School Programs

Film Shoots

Fire Prevention - Daycare inspections, Fire Code Regulation

Fire Prevention - Occurrence Report

Fire Prevention - Request attendance for Special Event

Fire Prevention - Smoke Alarms/Detectors

Fire Route By-Laws

Fire Services - General Information

Fireworks, Fire Permits

First Aid Courses

Flower and Shrub beds


Golf Information

Grading, Drainage Permits, Site Alteration


Haul Restrictions

Heritage Buildings

House Numbering

How to become a volunteer Firefighter

LaSalle Park Marina

Leash Free Dog Parks

Lifeguard Courses

Liquor License

Loose Leaf Pickup

Lottery License


Maintenance of sidewalks

Mapping, Records, Surveys

Mapping, Records, Surveys

Municipal facility booking

Municipal Service Locates

New subdivision road and property maintenance

Noise Complaints Firearms

Noise Complaints Nuisance

Official Plan

Paratransit, Assisted Transit Handi-Van

Park Access Permits

Park and Facilities

Parks - Beach Maintenance

Parks - Graffiti Removal & Vandalism Repair

Parks - Maintenace of Playgrounds

Parks - Maintenance Issues with Lighting

Parks and Open Spaces Projects


Plans Examination

POA-Provincial Offences Office

Pool Locations and information

Private Tree By-Law

Program Registration Fee Assistance

Property Assessment

Property Standards Complaints and Information

Property Taxes

Public Garbage Containers


Recreational Skating

Regional Services

Reporting of Dead Animals on Municipal Roads

Reporting technology problems

Road Maintenance

Roads/Street Maintenance


Septic Systems

Sign Permits

Sign Permits and Regulations

Sign Sales to Public

Skate/Blade/Board Parks

Snow removal RPF inquiries (streets and sidewalks)

Sport Field Maintenance

Sports Field Maintenance

Storm Water Management Maintenance

Street Naming/Renaming

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Theatre, plays, playhouses

Trail Maintenance

Tree Pest Management

Turf Maintenance (public property)

Vehicular Operations Concerns

Volunteer Opportunities in Parks & Recreation

Wading Pools/Splash Pads

Wasp Nest Removal (from public property)

Weed and Long Grass By-law (Private Property)


Zoning Regulation