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Service: Loose Leaf Pick-up Program

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Loose Leaf Pickup Program

RPF-020 - 15-Feb -2021

The City provides curbside loose-leaf collection.  Program runs in November and December.  The program is weather dependent and may be interrupted or not completed if snow cover occurs before the scheduled end date.

To view the City’s Leaf Collection Calendar - (

Note: Halton Region also picks up leaves that are bagged and set at curb on scheduled days. Customers should contact Halton 311 for this service. See Regional Services (Non-001).

Cost and Methods of Payment

There is no cost for this service.

How to Obtain

There is no requirements to obtain this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City have a loose leaf collection program?

  • A loose leaf collection service is provided to Burlington residents living in the city’s urban areas (except for Alton Neighbourhood) in the fall. This program is in addition to the yard waste collection service provided by Halton Region.

When will my leaves be picked up?

  • The city is divided into 3 zones as identified on an online map.   The City of Burlington mailed out a flyer through Canada post that contains the tentative dates and pick up zones.  Should you have not received that please refer to the city’s website - City of Burlington's Loose Leaf Collection Map or call Service Burlington at 905-335-7777.
  • It is important to place your leaves to the curb by the start date as crews will begin collecting in each zone. 
  • After the dates listed have passed, leaves will no longer be collected and should be put out for pickup with yard waste by Halton Region. There will be no exceptions.

Where can I find updates on the loose-leaf collection program and schedule?

What are the guidelines for residents to follow during the program?

  • Please have your leaves to the curb by the collection date, but no earlier than the weekend before your collection date.
  • Leaves placed to the curb after that date will not get collected in the city’s Loose-Leaf Collection.
  • If you miss your date, you will need to bag your leaves for Halton Region’s Yard Waste pick-up. Know your collection dates and avoid raking leaves to the road too early. Ensure your leaves are at the curb at the start of your collection date.
  • Make sure loose leaves are not covering catch basins or in the ditches to prevent flooding.
  • Please make sure leaves do not contain branches or other debris. Leaves mixed with other waste will not be collected.
  • Remove all sports equipment, including basketball nets, parked vehicles and other obstructions from the road to allow city crews clear access to leaf piles.
  • Place leaves up to the edge of the curb or roadway in a loose pile so city equipment can reach them.
  • Avoid placing leaves on sidewalks, walkways and bike lanes.
  • Do not place garbage bags, garbage bins, Blue Boxes or Green Carts on top of loose-leaf piles.

Why has only half the street been collected?

  • Staff are finished for the day but will continue back on that street tomorrow. (Customer service has a map to look at that indicates if roads are half done, not done, or done)

My neighbor has raked their leaves out early and it’s on the roadway and over catch basins?

  • While we ask residents to be mindful of their collection dates and respectful of their neighbors, there is no by-law restricting and the city doesn’t enforce dates when residents can rake leaves to the curb or roadside. Residents are asked not to place leaves on roadways, catch basins, sidewalks or bike lanes.

Why were my leaves not picked up?

  • Was there a vehicle parked on or near the pile?  Is the pile contaminated with branches and other garden debris?  Our crews make a note of parked cars and contaminated piles.  If there was a parked car we will attempt another pick up weather and time permitting. If the pile was contaminated we will not be back, and the homeowner will be responsible for removing the leaves.

My scheduled week is over, and my leaves haven’t been picked up. Are they still finishing the area? 

  • Check the map to make sure we haven’t done the area yet.  If the program hasn’t been cancelled due to weather we will be continuing finishing an area, before moving to the next.  We can be delayed due to weather or heavy amounts of leaves to collect.  Please check  the city’s website - City of Burlington's Loose Leaf Collection Map for updates to the schedule.

What do I do with my leaves that didn’t get picked up or have fallen after the program has ended?

  • Please see the Halton region website for curb side collection dates of yard waste. Leaves can be placed in bags for Halton Region’s Yard Waste Pick-up.  Leaves can be mulched and placed on lawns or in garden beds to help them grow.

Is the program guaranteed to be completed?

  • All dates are weather dependent. If a snow storm or freezing rain hits, dates could be delayed or cancelled. If this happens, you will need to bag your leaves for Halton Region’s Yard Waste Pick up.

It’s going to snow/has snowed will you still be pick up leaves?

  • The program is weather dependent. Depending on the amount of snow accumulation and snow melt following winter weather will dictate if the program can continue and when we will be able to return to the program.  Please check City of Burlington's Loose Leaf Collection Map or call 905-335-7777 for updates on the loose-leaf program. Leaves can be bagged for the Halton Region’s Yard Waste pick up.

Why can’t the leaf program continue with snow?

  • The equipment utilized for loose-leaf pick up is also used for winter snow removal operations.  Some equipment such as the leaf vacuums and sweepers can’t be operated with snow or freezing rain as they will freeze up in the cold, wet temperatures.

The loaders went by and left a mess, will they be cleaning this up?

  • Weather permitting a sweeper will follow behind loader crews. 

Why is the City of Burlington operating one loose leaf collection this year and a later start?

  • By reducing the time frame and moving to one collection, staff anticipate that the later start will mean that most leaves will be down during this period and the earlier ending will help avoid any winter weather. 

What alternatives are there for leaf disposal?

  • If you do not wish to use Burlington's loose-leaf collection service, other disposal options are possible:
    • Mulch leaves to use in gardens, flowerbeds, or leave them on your yard.
    • Compost leaves in your backyard composter.
    • Bag your leaves for curb-side pickup as part of the Halton Region yard waste collection program.
    • Deliver leaves to the Halton Waste Management Site in paper bags or in bulk for composting.

Where is there information on the Region’s Yard Waste Collection Program?

  • Halton Region will provide collection of bagged leaves and yard waste on the same day as your garbage pickup. This program is a separate program from Burlington's loose-leaf collection program.  For more information, dial 311 or visit Halton Region's Waste-Recycling-Sorting-Guide.

Will the City consider altering it’s Leaf Collection schedule to align with leaf fall?

  • Given the variety of tree species within the city, it is not possible to align leaf drops with all trees within each collection zone.  The leaf collection schedule is also restricted by the Roads, Parks & Forestry’s need to deliver winter maintenance services.  The same trucks used to collect leaves are also used for winter response.  As a consequence, our collection timeframe is generally limited to November, and into the first week of December.

What if I miss my collection date or I have leaves fall after the collection dates for my area? 

  • Residents are encouraged to supplement our collection service by utilizing Halton Region’s yard waste program, as the well as using other environmental friendly disposal methods such as mulching, composting or utilizing leaves for the winterizing of flower beds. Check the Region’s website for yard waste information and collection schedules.
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The City provides curbside loose-leaf collection. Program runs in November and December each year.

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